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Direct Deposit

To setup direct deposit for an employee:

  1. In PayDeck, select Payroll (PPX).
  2. Select the Employees tab.
  3. Select the employee.
  4. You are automatically in the "Primary Info" subtab. Switch to Direct Deposit.


  5. Click Add an Account.


  6. Enter the routing number. Continue.


  7. Confirm the bank name.


  8. Enter the account number and re-enter to verify. Continue.


  9. Select account type. Continue.


  10. Select All of the paycheck so the entire net pay is deposited into this account. Continue.


  11. Select Yes to Pre-Note the account. This tests the account the first time, then automatically switches to Active for the next payroll.


    Direct deposit information is now saved for the employee.


Notes: If any of the above steps were not entered properly, the employee may receive a paper check instead of a direct deposit. A routing number is always 9 digits.



Multiple Direct Deposit Accounts

To add multiple direct deposit accounts, perform the steps above. However, for step #10, select Only some of the paycheck. Continue.


You can divide it either by a flat dollar amount or by a percentage of the check.



Repeat the same steps as above to add another account as many times as needed. The last account should always be set to Remainder of Paycheck so the remaining balance goes into that account.



Note: All the additional direct deposit accounts should also be set to pre-note when added.


Once completed, the Direct Deposit tab will have all the accounts added.



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Remove Direct Deposit

To change an employee from direct deposit to normal check entry:

  1. In the Employees tab, select the employee.
  2. Switch to the Payroll Info tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Direct Deposit section and click the pencil to edit information.
  4. Click on the drop-down list in the Account Type field and select None.
  5. Click on the checkmark [√] to save.


See it in action:




To remove direct deposit for a specific payroll:

[For example, if you want to hand out physical checks before a holiday.]

  1. Go to the Payroll Grid.
  2. Uncheck the boxes for each employee in the Direct Deposit column.


See also: Troubleshoot employee not receiving direct deposit.



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