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Direct Deposit

To set up direct deposit for an employee:

  1. In Employee Setup, select the employee.
  2. You are automatically directed to the “General” tab. Switch to the Direct Deposit tab.
  3. Under First Account, select Checking/Savings from the dropdown, enter Routing # (9 digits) and Account #.
  4. In the Split Method dropdown, select Percent Split and enter 100 in the Amount field (for 100% of the net payroll to be deposited to the account).
  5. Set the DD Status to Pre-Note (this will test the direct deposit before setting it to active).
  6. Save.


See it in action:



Multiple Direct Deposits

To set up direct deposits to multiple accounts for the same employee, you can divide it either by a percentage of the check or by a set dollar amount:

Percent Split

If you’re splitting Direct Deposit equally into two accounts:

  1. Enter 50 in the first account.
  2. Enter 100 in the second account.

This will put 50% in the first account and the remaining balance (100%) in the second account.

[If you were to put 50 in the second account, it would only deposit 50% of the remaining balance and the employee would receive a paper check for the remaining balance.]

Dollar Amount Split

To Direct Deposit a specific dollar amount to an account:

  1. Select Flat Split from the dropdown.
  2. Enter the Amount to be deposited in the first account.
  3. Enter 100 in the second account in order for 100% of the remaining balance to be deposited in the second account.
  4. Save.

Ex: $210 (Flat Split) in First Account and 100% (Percent Split) in Second account.


See it in action:


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Remove Direct Deposit

To remove direct deposit for an employee:

  1. Employee Setup.
  2. Enter the employee number.
  3. Select the Direct Deposit tab.
  4. In Account Type, use the drop box and select None. Save.


See it in action:



To remove direct deposit for all employees for a specific payroll:

[For example, if you want to hand out physical checks before a holiday.]

  1. Click New Payroll.
  2. Payroll Options.
  3. Check off Turn OFF Direct Deposit for the entire payroll.
  4. Click OK.




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