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Direct Deposit

To setup direct deposit for an employee:

  1. In the Employees tab, select the employee.
  2. You are automatically directed to the “Primary Info” tab. Switch to the Payroll Info tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Direct Deposit section and click the pencil to edit information.
  4. Select Checking/Savings from the drop-down, enter routing and account number.
  5. In the Split Method drop-down, select Percent Split and enter 100 in the Amount field (for 100% of the net payroll to be deposited to the account).
  6. In the DD Status drop-down, select Pre-Note. This tests the account the first time, then automatically switches to Active for the next payroll.


Note: A routing number is always 9 digits.


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Multiple Direct Deposits

To add multiple direct deposits, you can divide it either by a percentage of the check or by a set dollar amount:

Percent Split

If you’re splitting Direct Deposit equally into two accounts:

  1. Enter 50 in the first account.
  2. Enter 100 in the second account.

This will put 50% in the first account and the remaining balance (100%) in the second account.

[If you were to put 50 in the second account, it would only deposit 50% of the remaining balance and the employee would receive a paper check for the remaining balance.]


Dollar Amount Split

To Direct Deposit a specific dollar amount to an account:

  1. Select Flat Split from the drop-down.
  2. Enter the Amount to be deposited in the first account.
  3. Enter 100 in the second account in order for 100% of the remaining balance to be deposited in the second account.

Ex: $200 (Flat Split) in First Account and 100% (Percent Split) in Second account.


See it in action:



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