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Connection Issue

To see if it's a connection issue, check the clock status to see when it last connected to the internet:

  1. Log in to Timekeeping Supervisor. (How?)

  2. In the Settings Menu on the left, select Clock Status. Look at the Last Contact column.


    - If it connected recently (say  5 minutes), it's not an internet problem. Jump to Clock Issue.
    If it hasn't been connecting in a while (time might show in red), the internet is having trouble - continue to the next step.

  3. Have there been any changes to the internet recently?
    Do you have a new firewall set up?

    - If yes, contact your IT person to un-restrict the clock's IP address from connecting to the network.
    - If no, continue to the next step.

    Note: If your web clock restricts punches to specific IPs, you'll need to add the new IP if the internet was changed.

  4. Check if there's an ethernet connection established.

    a) Is the clock is plugged in to the internet? There should be a wire that looks like a phone cable.

    b) Is the cable in good condition? If it is not, replace it with a new ethernet cable; that should do the trick. We've seen this before and it worked when the cable was replaced.

    c) Do you know for sure that the port that it's plugged into is connected to the network? Try connecting a different device to see if the port itself has a problem. If you don't know, speak to your IT person.

  5. Check if the internet settings on the clock need to be adjusted. Follow the link for your clock model below:

    - TimeWorksTouch: Troubleshoot internet
    - Z33 or GT-400: Set Status IP/DHCP 

If you're still having trouble, email and specify that you went through each of these steps and add any details that might be relevant. We'll do our best to help.


Clock Issue

Black Screen

If your clock shows a black screen, it likely means the clock was accidentally put to sleep.

  1. Press the power button on the left side of the clock to wake it up.
  2. See How do I prevent my clock from entering sleep mode? to prevent it from happening again.



If you're having trouble with fingerprint scanning, follow the link for your clock model below:

- TimeWorksTouch
- Z33
- GT400 HandPunch



If fingerprints are still not working or the screen is broken, you might need to send the clock to the manufacturer for repairs. Email with the issue and the steps you took to resolve it. We'll help get it taken care of.

Note: Repairs are included in the warranty for up to one (1) year. After that, there are charges for repairs. If the necessary fixes are too expensive, it might be cheaper to buy a new clock.


Clear Data and Update Time

  1. Log into the clock using your client login credentials.  If the clock is offline, use the below login credentials:

    Username - TimeWorksTouch
    Password - BackD00r (the 0's are zero)

    The login and password are case sensitive. The first letter of each word is capitalized with lower case letters following.

  2. Tap Modify Other Device Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap Apps, then TimeWorksTouch.


  4. Tap Clear Cache, Clear Data and Force Stop. Then tap Ok. The Clear Cache, Clear Data and Force Stop buttons will grey out.


  5. Tap on the Home icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the clock to navigate back to the Settings icon on the home page.

  6. Relaunch the TWT app, at which point you will be prompted to register the clock. The clock is not fully deactivated, but requires you to reconnect to the same account. Once you register the clock, you'll see a message stating that the clock is already registered. Tap Ok to continue.

  7. Log into the clock and go to the Clock Settings screen. Select Update Time and Time Zone and Exit the TWT app.
  8. Scroll down to Date and Time. The first two options, Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone should be turned off.  Then check the Select time zone option and verify the correct time zone is selected.

  9. Once you’re done, click on the Home or back arrow icon on the bottom left-hand side of the clock to launch back into the TWT app.
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