Restrict web clock punches to specific IPs

The IP Filter restricts employees from using the web clock outside of the company's network. This can prevent an employee from clocking in from home.


Set the IP Filter

Once you know the IP addresses on which the employee can use the WebClock (see FAQs below), follow these steps to set them on the account.

  1. Log in to Timekeeping Supervisor. (How?)

  2. In Settings Menu on the left, select Clock Management.

  3. Turn on Restrict punches by IP by toggling the selector to green.

  4. After enabling, a field will appear where you can enter the IP address.

    If more than one IP address needs to be entered, click the "+" button to the right of the field.


Updates to the IP may take a few minutes to take effect.


Change or Remove IP Address from the Filter

Follow steps 1 through 3 from above.

Use the "-" button to remove IP addresses or, if an IP address needs to be changed, just edit the value and the changes will be saved automatically.

Note: If your internet provider changes, the new IP address will need to be added here.



How do I know what IP address to use?

Most networks have a shared, outgoing public IP that is used to access the internet. This is not the same as a computer's specific IP. Multiple computers on a network often share one outgoing IP.
Your IT guy or Network Admin should be able to provide the outgoing IP used to access the internet.


Can I restrict the WebClock to a specific computer?

Only if that computer has its own dedicated outgoing IP address. This is not the same as a computer's specific IP.


Will the IP Filter work on the Mobile App?

No, the IP filter works only for the WebClock or Workforce Management Clock. Mobile phones often use different IP addresses depending on where they connect to the internet, so it is not possible to restrict mobile punches in the same manner.


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