Troubleshoot employee not syncing to timekeeping

If an employee is not showing up on the clock, make sure they were added to Time & Labor properly.

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Time-Out in System

The system may experience communication issues due to a timeout, and an employee's information may not synchronize properly.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
         1. Remove Card Number.
         2. Wait for a couple of minutes.
         3. Re-enter the card number.
         4. Save the information again.

The employee's data should be updated within a few minutes.

Duplicate Card Numbers

If the information is properly set up above but it's still not syncing, it’s possible that the same card number was used for a terminated employee.

To remove the card number from the terminated employee:

  1. Log in to Timekeeping Supervisor(How?)
  2. In Main Menu on the left, select Employee Setup.
  3. Press the Click to show the employee list filter button. Select All employees (including inactive). Apply filter.
  4. Press CTRL+F on your keyboard. Search the card number of the employee that isn't working.
  5. If the number appears in the Logins / Numbers column for any of the employees, click that employee's name.


  6. In the new page, click Edit on the Identifiers for punching the clock row.


  7. Click Delete existing numbers, then click to delete the matching number. You can leave it blank or replace it with the employee ID # (employee code) that's created in PlatinumPay. This will ensure that there are no duplicates because each employee has a unique ID #. Save and Exit.


  8. Go back to PPX or PlatinumPay and delete the number from Card Number 1. Save.


Note: It may take a few minutes (up to 15 minutes) to update.


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