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Sign In

To sign in to Timekeeping as a supervisor, select Timekeeping in your PayDeck:


Don't see it? Go to Integrate Timekeeping with PayDeck.



Once you log in, you'll see an overview of your company's Timekeeping on the dashboard:


In the system you'll see additional quick stats, including:

  • Total employees clocked in
  • Total current employees
  • Total missing punches
  • Total unmatched punches
  • Total employees with mobile enabled
  • Total employees with mobile punch enabled
  • Total employees with web clock enabled
  • View time off requests
  • Last finalized pay period


You'll also see quick links to manage it all:

  • Add a new employee
  • Update personal information
  • Correct missing punches
  • Assign unmatched punches
  • Review yesterday's punches
  • Edit time cards
  • Run the pay summary report
  • Manage employee login accounts


Timekeeping Reports

To access Timekeeping reports, click Reports Menu in the left panel. It will expand with a list of all available reports:


  • Audit Log Report: The Audit Log is searchable by Pay Period, Employee Name, Home Department, Home Location, Home Supervisor or by Login of the person who made the edits.
  • Clock Terminal Notes: This report will display clock terminal notes.
  • Daily Auto E-mail: This report is a summary of the activity that occurred during the pay period. The report breaks the activity down and groups it by Pay Period, Week, and Daily Activity. Can be filtered by department, location, or supervisor.
  • Detail Report: Punch in and out time for each employee, in a printable report. This report can be used for making check-stub time cards. * IMPORTANT: In the smart clock, the Detail Report only displays hours and will not include pay only/dollar entries.
  • Download Activity File: This function lets you download your punch data into a file format that is readable by your payroll processing company or accounting software.
  • Employee Export: This report will create a comma separated text file of the employee data stored in our system. (This is exported from the Employee Setup page.)
  • Labor Code Reporting: Shows how much time was spent for each labor code, and who spent it.
  • Punch Notes: This report shows all employee's punch notes.
  • Schedule Deviation Report: Allows you to view punch in times with what you have set up in the scheduling feature.
  • Schedule vs. TimeCards Report: This report gives you a side by side view of the actual punch times with what you have set up in the scheduling features.
  • Summary Report: Company-wide summary for a single pay period shows total hours and earnings for each employee.
  • Work Month Report and Work Week Report: These reports are for ACA reporting to report how many Full Time Equivalent employees your company has to determine if you are liable for the ACA.
  • Mobile and Web Clock Access: This report shows which employees are enabled for the mentioned features.
  • Custom Reports: This is enabled through the Account Configuration tab. From the Accountant Menu, select Client Configuration from the Settings for the currently selected client section and locate the Custom Report Options.
  • Accruals Report: This report is based on the Accruals module of the smart clock and can be ran as a balance only report, or a detail report.
  • Pay Period Summary: A newer version of the Summary Report with advanced sort, filter and grouping options as well as other aggregate functions.
  • Pay Period Sub-Totals: A report designed to give a quick snapshot of how hours have been categorized for the selected date range.
  • Labor Report: A version of Labor Code reporting (reporting on clock prompt data) that can be pre-filtered, sorted and subtotaled.
  • Employee Activity Board: This was created as a replacement to the Employee Status Utility desktop app and shows which employees are currently clocked in.
  • Time Off Request Report: This report shows all time off requests with the details, comments, and status of each.
  • Archived Data Reports: This allows Migrated clients to see reports from the smart clock system for past data.


Additional Tools

You can also manage:

  • Scheduling
  • Accrual balances
  • Employee groups
  • Finalize pay periods
  • Biometrics (handprints)
  • Unmatched punches
  • Clocks
  • Employee bulletins
  • Processing rules
  • Personal info
  • Clock status
  • Integrations and API



Time cards vs. schedule:


Enable Web & Mobile Clock for Employees

Employees can use the web clock and/or the mobile app to clock in and out without a physical clock.

To enable them:

  1. Sign in to your supervisor portal on PayDeck.
  2. Select Employee Setup from the left navigation.
  3. Check off the employees that should be allowed to use the web clock (or check all).
  4. Click Employee Setup Options at the top and select Work with Selected Employees from the dropdown.


  5. To enable the web clock: Check off Web Clock Enabled and select Yes from the dropdown.
  6. To enable the mobile clock: Check off Mobile Punch Enabled and Mobile Enabled and selected Yes for both dropdowns.
  7. Save.


To only allow employees to punch in from specific computers, see Restrict web clock punches to specific IPs.

If you don't have access to these options, shoot us an email at cs@brandspaycheck.com and we'll set it up for you.

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