Troubleshoot Timeclock: Punches Not Updating in Timekeeping System


There could be a few reasons for technical difficulties with Timeclock. If punches are not updating, please continue reading the below to troubleshoot either an employee's missing fingerprint or a faulty internet connection.

  1. Log in to Timekeeping Supervisor. (How?)

  2. In the Settings Menu on the left, select Clock Status. Look at the Last Contact column.


    - If it connected recently (say 5 minutes), then it's not an internet problem (please confirm that your employees' fingerprint has been enrolled in the timeclock system).
    If it hasn't been connecting in a while (time might show in red), the internet is having trouble. Continue to the next step.

  3. Have there been any changes to the internet recently?
    Do you have a new firewall set up?

    - If yes, contact your IT person to un-restrict the clock's IP address from connecting to the network.
    - If no, continue to the next step.

    Note: If your web clock restricts punches to specific IPs, you'll need to add the new IP if the internet was changed.

  4. Check if there's an ethernet connection established.

    a) Is the clock plugged into the internet? There should be a wire that looks like a phone cable.

    b) Is the cable in good condition? If it is not, replace it with a new ethernet cable; that should do the trick. We've seen this before, and it worked when the cable was replaced.

    c) Do you know if the port it's plugged into is connected to the network? Try connecting a different device to see if the port itself has a problem. If you don't know, speak to your IT person.

  5. Check if the internet settings on the clock need to be adjusted. Follow the link for your clock model below:

    - TimeWorksTouch: Troubleshoot internet
    - Z33 or GT-400: Set Status IP/DHCP 

If you're still having trouble, email and specify that you went through each of these steps and add any details that might be relevant. We'll do our best to help.



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