Videos: Supervisor timekeeping tutorials

Timecard Editing

Single day view:

Pay period views:

These two videos cover the most common actions taken on the time card through both a single-day and pay period view. They also explain some of the features of the clock activity pane.

For additional videos on editing timecards, see: Edit punches.


Timecard Approvals

"Time card approvals" is an optional feature that enables managers to document that they have reviewed an employee's punches for a day on the time card. This video explains the basic use of the approvals features which can be used by employees, managers, and administrators.

See also: Multi-timecard approval and approval report


Time Off Requests

When approving a time off request, managers can approve, deny, or conditionally approve their employees' time off requests.

The second video explains the use of the accruals report to see projected time off balances for an employee.


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