Manage EmployeeDeck

To invite employees to EmployeeDeck:

In PayDeck, click the dropdown to the right of your profile and select Manage EmployeeDeck.



Auto Invite

The system can automatically invite employees that are added to your company. Simply turn on the Auto Invite toggle at the top of the page.


The next time payroll is run, the employee will receive an invite to EmployeeDeck. After that, for future payrolls they will receive the standard payday email notification letting them know they've been paid, with a link to their EmployeeDeck to view more.



Additional Options 

Exclude Employees

To exclude an employee, hover over their name in the Invite employees tab and click Exclude.

This is useful even if you don't have Auto Invite turned on. The employee will be removed from the Invite list so you and/or your team won't keep seeing it suggested.



Invite Individual Employees

To invite an individual employee, hover over their name in the Invite employees tab and click Invite.



You can also use checkmarks to select a few at a time, then press Send All (2) Invites at the top of the page.



Resend Invite

To resend the invitation email, switch to the Invited tab. Hover over the employee's name and click Remind.



If you're resending because the employee's email address was incorrect and is now updated, first click Retract to deactivate the old invite link, then click Invite.



What the Tabs Mean

The Invite employees tab lists the names of employees ready to be invited.

When an employee is invited, their name is moved to the Invited Tab.

When the employee clicks the links and creates their account, their name is moved to the Signed up tab.

Note: If an employee already has an EmployeeDeck profile, either because they have another profile at this company (due to both 1099 and W2 status) or because they use EmployeeDeck for another company, their name will go straight to the Signed up tab and they will receive a notification that another profile has been added to their EmployeeDeck account.

If an employee is missing an email address, their name will be moved to the Requires attention tab. Click Resolve to easily add an email address. Their name will be moved to the Invite employees tab so they can be invited or excluded as needed.


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