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Enable the App

Before you download the mobile app, enable it in the Web Clock.

  1. Go to Employee Setup.
  2. Select the supervisor you want to enable. If any of these three pictured fields are active, then you have the mobile app enabled.

A full explanation of these three fields can be found in the article TimeWorksPlus Employee Mobile App.

Download the App

If you're a supervisor, download the TimeWorksPlus app in your Android or iPhone store. This is not to be confused with the TimeWorksPlus Employee app, which doesn't have manager functionality.

App Features

The following is a list of the management tasks (dependent on configuration) that can be done in the mobile app.

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  • View Employees on the Clock – See a list of all your employees currently punched in.
  • View Basic Employee Info
  • View Simplified Time Card – Basic punch information and geo data (if enabled) can be viewed. Clock prompts, comments and the audit trail are not visible in the mobile app.
  • Edit Time Card - Change, add and delete punches and add notes to the time card. Hours entries cannot be made in the mobile app. Clock prompts, while not visible on the time card, can be selected when adding a new punch.
  • Time Card Approvals – For supervisors only. Managers (Client level users) must approve through the web clock.
  • Punch Employees IN and OUT– A supervisor or manager has the option to select one or more of their employees from a list and clock them in or out.
  • Approve Time Off Requests– Take care of pending requests from your phone. You'll also be able to see who has approved time off on a given day.

View Employees on the Clock

The Currently Clocked In button on the home screen of the mobile app can be used to see a list of your employees currently on shift. Click on an employee's name for further details about their punch.


View Basic Employee Info

Choose the My Employees button on the home screen to see a list of your employees. After you click their name, you can view their home Department, login, hire date, phone, email and last in punch.

You may also have the ability to clock them in or out depending on your site's configuration.


View Simplified Time Card

The mobile app version of the time card is simplified; not all columns visible on the web clock can be viewed on the mobile app, but you will be able to see your employee's punches, notes, category and break deductions. Clock prompt and pay item data is not visible on the mobile app.

Choose View/Modify Time Cards from the home screen to see a list of your employees with their employee and supervisor time card approval status (if enabled). Click their name for a pay period view of their time card.

While using the portrait view of your phone will only show the IN and OUT punches, you can flip your phone horizontally to expand the time card and also view break deductions, the punch category and a total of the days hours.


Edit Time Card

When viewing an employee's time card (as instructed in the previous section), you can tap on any day to make certain types of edits.

On this screen you can add a note, approve the individual day or, click the Edit button to make changes.

Existing punches can be altered by tapping in the time fields (1) and using the checkmark to save the changes (2). You can also delete a punch using the X button (3). When changing punches, you cannot view, nor can you change, any clock prompt data associated with the punch.

If you want to add a new punch to the time card, use the Clock In / Clock Out toggle button (4) to select the punch type, enter the time and tap the + button (5).

If there are any clock prompts necessary for the punch, you will be asked to enter that as well.
Comments, hours entries and dollar amounts cannot be added to the time card through the mobile app.

Time Card Approvals

Time cards can be approved by both the supervisor and employee through the mobile app. However, managers with Client level permissions cannot approve time cards this way, they will need to use the web clock.

When viewing a time card, use the checkboxes to select any days you want to approve. Scroll to the bottom and click the Approve button.
When approving time cards, if you don't see the approval status change (from yellow to green), try navigating to a different pay period, or select a different page, then return to the time card. The approval status should update.

You also have the option to approve an individual day when viewing the time card details. You can see an example of this in the previous section describing how to edit time cards.

Punch Employees IN and OUT

This optional feature of the mobile app allows a manager or supervisor to select one or more employees from a list and clock them in or out. In order for this to work, the employee must have Mobile Punch Enabled in Employee Setup. You will also likely want to have Mobile Enabled set to "No", otherwise the employee will be able to clock in themselves via the mobile app.

IMPORTANT: If your account is using the new employee portal and mobile app, then you will not be able to utilize this feature at this time. The reason is that with the new mobile app, there is no ability to disable access to the app for the employee. This means that the employee would have the ability to clock themselves in via the mobile app.
Choose Clock Employees In/Out from the home screen of the mobile app.

Use the checkboxes to select the employees. Employees who are "greyed out" are those that do not have Mobile Punch Enabled in Employee Setup. Those employees with a small clock to the right of their name are currently clocked in.
You can also use the hamburger menu at the right to filter by those employees currently on the clock or those off the clock.
Select the punch type using the Clock In / Clock Out toggle button and click Submit. The punch type displayed on the toggle button represents the punch you will makeFor example, if the button displays "Clock Out" then the employee will be clocked out when you click submit.

You can also clock an individual employee in and out when viewing the Employee Details.

Approve Time Off Requests

Using the Pending Time Off button on the home screen allows you to approve or reject an employee's time off requests. Conditionally Approving a request can only be done from the web clock.

When you tap on an individual request, you will be able to view all the details of the request, including the employee's balance as of the current date. For a more accurate idea of how much time the employee has available accounting for future time off requests, use the Time Off Requests and Accrual Balances reports in the web clock.

Additionally, the Approved Time Off button on the home screen allows you to scroll through days and see which employees have been granted time off for that day.
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