Set up employees with Workforce HUB from PlatinumPay

[For PlatinumPay Xpress, see Set up employees with Workforce HUB from PayDeck.]

Note: Make sure employees have an email address listed.

To add employees to Workforuce HUB:

  1. In the left navigation of PlatinumPay, select Employee Setup.
  2. Switch to the Web Setup tab.
  3. Click Set/Reset Security Level.
  4. Check the box for Employee Access. Save.
  5. Repeat for each employee.



  1. In the left navigation of Platinum Pay, select the Company drawer.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Shugo.
  4. Check off Full all the way on the right column for each active employee.

An email will be sent to the employee with the link to log in to their Self Service portal:

Employees need help? See Workforce HUB Activation.


Additional Options

In PlatinumPay there are additional options for setting up employees. These are the options available:

  • Division Filter.
  • Double click on any header to sort by that section.
  • Employee Filter options (Active, Inactive, All, Custom).
  • This red symbol means the employee's home department is not available in HUB. The employee may still use HUB.
  • Employee is terminated if unchecked.
  • Basic HUB is checked for Pay stub/W2 delivery only.
  • Full HUB includes both Pay stub/W2 and Timekeeping services.
  • Employee is terminated and may not use HUB Full services (meaning they cannot clock in and out, request PTO, etc.)If HUB Basic is enabled, the terminated employee may still access the portal to view posted stubs.To completely revoke access to HUB, uncheck every checkbox for that employee (HUB Basic, HUB Full, and all PUSH options.)
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