Paydeck 2.0 Bonus/1099 Payroll Processing

From the Payrolls NEW tab Select Start new payroll


1. Select Unscheduled Payroll, review the frequency, period and check date and then select Next

2. On the Select Payees screen select Skip & add in Payroll

3. Select Start Payroll

4. You will now see a blank payroll grid, select the blue circle with 4 squares in it on the top right of the screen 

5. Select Add Payee(s)

6. Select all or individual employees

7. Select Next

8. Select Advanced Options


9. Select Don't include default pay, earnings, and deductions

10. Select Add Earning / Deduction

          a) Add the pay or deduction code for a bonus or 1099 entry

          b) Amount: If all employees are receiving the same amount enter it in this field, if not leave blank

          c) Calculate Net to gross: If you are paying a net amount select this option

          d) FICA Only:  If you want only FICA deducted from checks select this option > If you don't see this option select the small plus sign see below

11. Select Override Direct deposit if you want to issue the payroll as regular checks 

12. Select Add to Payroll

13. If you did not enter a fixed amount for all employees, enter each employee's amount to be paid. Once done select Payroll Summary at the top right.

14. Review and select Validate Payroll

15. Submit your payroll, or if you see the below message then submit it to Brands for processing:


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