New Payroll Module - Payroll Grid


Follow the step below to Run Payroll in the New Payroll Module

  1. Sort and/or Filter your employees to organize them so they can be easily located.
  2. Adjust the employee information as needed
  3. Enter the payment information for Hourly employees and Salary Employees
  4. Add another Earning or Deduction code when necessary
  5. Review the Total Pay for the Employee
  6. Select Add Payee if you need to add a second check for an employee, or if you need to pay a terminated employee. Follow the steps 2-5 for any additional checks/employees added to the payroll
  7. You will not be able to delete any manual checks you may have in the payroll
  8. Select the Delete Payroll Option if you need to restart the payroll.
  9. Select Payroll summary when done.


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