EmployeeDeck FAQs

Q: Most of my employees are warehouse employees that don’t use computers/smartphones, can I still invite only the few office employees to use EmployeeDeck?

A: Yes. You can invite individual employees and even exclude individual employees using our EmployeeDeck Settings page.


Q: How much will I be charged for using EmployeeDeck?

A: $0. It's free. It's a tool we invested in creating to help you, your employees and all of us save time and handle payroll and HR tasks more efficiently.


Q: Can I distribute my payroll using EmployeeDeck?

A: Yes. As soon as employees are paid, an email notification goes out to each employee. It includes a link to log into their EmployeeDeck account where they can view their pay information.


Q: Can an employee print copies of their paystubs using EmployeeDeck?

A: Yes. They simply log in to their account and download the paystubs they need from their pay history.


Q: Can I distribute my year-end forms (W2’s, 1099’s, etc.) using EmployeeDeck?

A: Yes. As soon as the documents are available, employees receive a notification letting them know that they can log into their EmployeeDeck account and download their documents.


Q: I have no email address on record for my employees, will I need to update employee profiles before I can invite them to EmployeeDeck?

A: Yes, but on the EmployeeDeck Settings screen you can quickly add their email addresses and invite them.


Q: How can an employee request that their W4 information be updated using EmployeeDeck?

A: Employees can select the Tax withholdings - W4 section on the left of their screen and update their information in the relevant fields. It will generate a new filled-out W4 form, which they can sign electronically.




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