Accruals report

The Accruals Report gives you the ability to view balances of employee accrued time off (such as PTO, sick, or vacation) for a specific date, or over a date range. 

To access the Accruals Report:

  1. Select “Reports Menu” from the left pane.
  2. Click “Accruals Report.”
  3. Use the employee selector to choose which employees are included in the report.
  1. Choose the "Report Type".  Accrual Ledger/Detail Report let's you choose a date range, during which you'll see earnings and deductions for that period of time. The Balance option only shows the available amount on a specific date. Examples of these types are shown in a following section.
  2. Select “Balance(s) to include” to choose which paid leave categories are included in the report.
  3. Click “Run Report.”
  4. Once you run the report, you'll have options to export the data as a CSV.


Balance vs Accrual Ledger Report Types

There are two types of Accruals Report: Balance and Accrual Ledger Detail. Which type you choose depends on how much information you need. 

If you just need to know whether an employee will have enough available time for an upcoming request, the Balance Report can give you that information. Just run it for the date requested.


Example of a Balance Report


The Accrual Ledger/Detail type is useful when employees accrue time periodically throughout the year. With it, you can see their future earnings over a date range. The report also shows deductions made when the employee uses time.


Example of the Accrual Ledger/Detail Report

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