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Touch clocks verify an employee's identity when clocking in and out by asking them to scan their fingerprint. The scan is matched to a template that is stored on both the clock and the system's servers. This template is not a direct copy of their print, but actually a series of landmarks stored in a proprietary algorithm that can only be read by the clock. This article explains how to register an employee's fingerprint on the clock and details other functions related to biometrics.

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Enable/Disable Biometrics

In addition to using fingerprints, Touch clocks can identify employees with any combination of these three "Sign-In" methods: PIN, proximity card, and biometric scan. All three options should be enabled on the clock by default, but if for some reason Biometic Scan has been disabled, follow these steps to enable it: 

  1. From the clock entry screen, tap the Settings (gear) icon at the top right of the screen.

    clock settings icon

  2. Use your credentials to access the CLOCK SETTINGS tab. You must be either a Client-level / Administrator or an Accountant-level user.

  3. Select the CLOCK SETTINGS tab.

    sign in methods

  4. Toggle the Biometric Scan option ON.

  5. (optional) Disable the PIN option to prevent employees from using a PIN to clock in. Note, employees can only use the PIN option if they have been given a PIN in their employee record.

  6. Tap the X button to exit the settings and return to the clock entry screen

There is a fourth sign in option as well that allows a PIN to be used if an employee's print scan fails. For information on the Enforced Biometric Scan with PIN Backup option, see the topic Print with PIN as Backup later in this article.

To disable the Biometric Scan, follow the same steps as above and toggle off the Biometric Scan.


Enroll Fingerprints

Fingerprint enrollment (also referred to as "registration") can be performed by any managers with a Supervisor/Manager-level credential or higher. Before registration, the employee must be entered in the timekeeping system with at least a first name, last name, and employee code. Also, the clock must be connected to the internet; it does not register prints in offline mode.

Download a PDF version of these instructions.

Tips for Effective Fingerprint Registration

Obtaining a quality fingerprint registration is essential for this process. When poor quality scans are registered, it increases the likelihood that an employee won't be recognized when using the clock. During registration, the clock takes three scans, scores the quality of each scan, and only registers scans that meet a quality threshold. To achieve a quality registration, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Use the same finger for all three attempts. Middle and ring fingers sometimes have more defined prints than the index finger.
  • Make sure the finger is clean but not excessively dry. Applying moisturizer can help.
  • Center the finger on the sensor. Get as much of the finger as you can to fill the sensor.
  • Apply light pressure and keep the finger steady while being scanned. Employees need to rest their finger on the sensor—not swipe, stab, or press. It should rest on the sensor until the clock gets a good reading.

Access Fingerprint Registration

To access fingerprint registration on Touch clocks:

  1. From the clock entry screen, tap the Settings (gear) icon at the top right of the screen.

    clock settings icon

  2. Enter your credentials.

  3. Choose the Fingerprints tab.

  4. Select Add employee fingerprint.

    Fingerprint menu

  5. Search and select the employee by name. You can narrow the results by typing either the first or last name with the onscreen keyboard.

    select an employee

    If the employee already has a print enrolled, it will be indicated underneath their name. Employees can only have one print enrolled on Touch. If you see a message explaining the employee already has a print enrolled, you can select Nevermind to keep the print and return to the clock entry screen. If you want to replace the enrolled print, proceed to step 6.

    employee already enrolled

  6. Tap Continue and follow the clock's on-screen registration instructions, which are explained in the next section.

Registration Process

During the print registration process, the clock takes three individual scans of the fingerprint. After each scan, the clock beeps, indicating the employee should remove their finger from the sensor. Then, when instructed by the clock, they should repeat the process.

After each scan, the screen displays an image of the fingerprint with a score indicating the quality of the scan. The clock needs at least one scan with a score of 65 or higher to successfully register a print.

print scores

Once three scans are completed, and a scan with a score of at least 65 is recorded, the clock stores the landmarks from the highest scored scan. The screen will be green in this case, and you have the option to Add Another employee fingerprint or return to the clock entry screen by selecting Done.

print enrollment success

If none of the fingerprint scans scored at least a 65, the screen will be red, and you can select Try Again to attempt once more, perhaps with a different finger that may have a more defined print.

print enrollment failure

If You Still Can't Get a Successful Scan

In some cases, an employee's fingerprints may be too worn to get an accurate scan. If you feel like this is the case and getting a successful registration is not possible, click Done on the print registration failure page and consider adding a Trusted PIN for the employee. We also sell clocks such as Vision and Vision+ that avoid this issue.


Sync Fingerprints to Multiple Clocks

Once an employee is enrolled, their fingerprint is eventually synced to any other clocks on your site within 24 hours. The sync does require that all clocks are connected to the internet at the time of the overnight sync. If you want to manually synchronize fingerprints after enrollment:

  1. From the clock entry screen, tap the Settings (gear) icon at the top right of the screen.

    clock settings icon

  2. Login with your credentials.

  3. Choose the Fingerprints tab. It may already be selected.

  4. Select Sync Fingerprint Data.

  5. Tap the X button to exit the settings and return to the clock entry screen.

    Sync prints on Fingerprint menu

  6. Repeat these steps on all the clocks connected to your account.

Fingerprint Template Compatibility Across Different Clock Models

Touch clock fingerprint templates are only compatible with other Touch Clocks (TimeWorksTouch and Swipeclock Touch), they are not compatible with basic biometric clocks like Punch+. Conversely, if employees have a print enrolled on a basic biometric clock, those print templates are not compatible with Touch clocks. They will need to be re-enrolled on Touch.


Terminated Employee Prints

When an employee is terminated in the timekeeping system, their fingerprint is removed from Touch clocks and they are no longer be able to clock in and out. However, terminated employee templates do remain on our servers until you explicitly delete them. Deleting prints from the server is done in Timekeeping through Biometrics Maintenance.

If an employee is rehired, and their print has not been deleted from the server, they can have their print template restored once the termination date is removed from their employee record and the clock syncs with the server.


Print with PIN as Backup

Print with PIN as Backup is an alternative sign-in method that allows employees to use a PIN to clock in and out only if the clock has problems recognizing their fingerprint. This is different than enabling both the PIN and Biometric Scan sign in options because with that setting, any employee with a PIN can clock in without even trying to scan their print. With the Print with PIN as Backup setting, employees are only asked for a PIN if their fingerprint scan fails two consecutive times.

Users with Accountant or Client-level credentials can enable "Print with PIN as Backup" with the following steps:

  1. From the clock entry screen, tap the Settings (gear) icon at the top right of the screen.

    clock settings icon

  2. Enter your credentials.

  3. Select the CLOCK SETTINGS tab.

  4. Enable Enforce Biometric Scan w/ PIN Backup. This option disables the PIN and Biometric Scan options.

    PIN backup sign in method

  5. Tap the X button to exit the settings and return to the clock entry screen.

Now, if an employee's print fails to be read after two attempts, the employee can enter their PIN as an alternative. When this happens, it's indicated on the timecard with an icon that is a print with a slash through it.

no print indicator on time card

Employee PINs are set in the clock number field of their employee record. See your product-specific knowledge base for instructions on adding PIN numbers.

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