About Harassment Training


Sexual harassment training and tracking module.


To comply with training requirements mandated by some states and cities. It is meant to educate employees in order to prevent harassment issues in the workplace.


Our training system will send annual reminders to employees to take the training. A list of questions is provided after each training, and employees must score 70% or higher.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adheres to community sensitivities
  • As required, it directs employees to a designated person within your company for further questions
  • Provides each employee with the fact sheet and harassment policy of your company
  • Providers a signature page and certificate of training
  • Stores certificates for future reference
  • Training takes 20-30 minutes


Add to Your Account:

To set up harassment training, activate it in your PayDeck Services or contact us at cs@brandspaycheck.com.

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