About Perks at Work

When you're part of a company, you're part of a family. And part of being a family is getting special privileges. With Perks at Work, your company is letting you know they value you and care about your wellbeing. You'll be receiving Fortune 500 benefits just as if you worked at Google, Home Depot and other cool companies. You're part of the VIP club now, too!


Enroll by following this link: https://www.perksatwork.com/join/wmdyt9c


Here's what you can expect:



1. Employee Pricing

You get special treatment! Get access to 30,000+ national & local employee discounts. Over 20 different categories ranging from Electronics, Home Appliances, Food & Groceries, Car Buying, Travel, Fitness, and more.

  • Buying holiday gifts? Get discounts on electronics, toys and much more!


  • Going to the movies? Don't pay full price.


  • Ready for a break? Get the best deals on travel.


  • And much, much more!


2. Wellness and Leadership Classes

COA is a FREE resource of live and on-demand classes for both adults and kids from wellness to personal development. Join the community to get healthier, smarter, support each other and help those in need in 2021 and beyond.




3. WOWPoints Rewards

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