Vision: Enroll employee face

The Vision clock eliminates buddy punching by using a facial-recognition algorithm to identify an employee.

Before an employee can use the clock, they need to have their face registered by an Administrator or Manager/Supervisor. Registration converts the employee's facial features into an algorithm which is subsequently stored on the clock and the system's servers. This article explains how to register an employee's face at the clock.

IMPORTANT: The clock DOES NOT store an image of the employee's face, and the data is in a proprietary algorithm that can only be read by the clock.

Before you can register a face:

  • The clock must be registered to your account and connected to the internet. See Touch and Vision: Clock registration or check your clock manual for instructions on registering a clock.
  • The employee must be added to the system with, at minimum, a first name, last name, and employee code.

To see a list of employees that have and have not been registered, see View a List of Registered Face Records in Biometrics Maintenance later in this article.



Step by Step Instructions

Download a print version of these instructions.

To register a face, you need to access the Face Record tab in the clock's settings:

  1. From the clock entry screen, access the Settings by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner of the touch screen.

    Clock Settings Access

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. Choose the Face Record tab. This may be the only tab you see.

  4. Select Add employee face record.

    Face Record tab

  5. Search and select the employee by name. You can narrow the results by typing the first or last name with the onscreen keyboard.

    If the employee already has a face enrolled, the screen displays a message: "This employee already has a face record registered." If you want to keep the original face record, select NEVERMIND to exit the registration process.

    Employee with an existing face record

  6. If you want to register a new face record or replace an existing face record, select CONTINUE.

  7. On the Add Employee Face Record screen, have the employee position their face in the white box and hold still. Hats and sunglasses should be removed as well as any hair that is blocking their face.

    face record registration

  8. Once the employee is in position, tap CONTINUE on the touchscreen to start the capture process. This may take a few seconds as the clock records the landmarks on the employee's face.

  9. Once registered, the screen displays Face Capture Successful. Tap OK to return to the settings screen.

  10. Use the "X" in the upper right corner of the touchscreen to return to the clock entry screen

The employee can now use the clock for punching in and out. The employee simply stands in front of the clock, and the clock looks for a matching face in its database. Once the clock identifies the employee, they complete their punch by selecting IN, OUT or another punch type from the clock's touchscreen. Any punch made on Vision appears on the time card with a "face" icon.

Time card showing a punch made on Vision

Icon indicating the punch was made with a Vision clock; Note, your time card may appear different than what is pictured.

Also, if you hover your cursor over the time of a punch to view the Punch History, the authenticationType is face.

Vision punch indicated in punch history

Syncing Face Records to Multiple Clocks

If you have additional Vision clocks on your account, the face record will sync to the additional clocks within 24 hours. However, you can force a sync by returning to the Face Record tab (steps 1-3 of the registration process) and select Sync face record data. Then repeat that step on all clocks connected to your account.


Tips for Successful Facial Registration

When registering face records and using the clock, employees should make sure that nothing is blocking their face, such as hair, sunglasses, or a hat. Clear glasses do not hinder the scan process. They should also try to position their face in the center of the box (taller employees may need to bend their knees slightly), keep their chin slightly up, and hold still.

Lighting in the area of the clock can also affect its ability to match faces. Dark locations make matching difficult, and areas that are too bright can wash out facial features. Consistency of the lighting also plays a role. If there is a light source, like a window, that creates a "hot zone" on one side of the employee's face, they should try shielding that side of their face with their hand.


View a List of Registered Face Records in Biometrics Maintenance

The Biometrics Maintenance page in your system is where you can see which employees have and have not been registered on the Vision clock.

Biometrics Maintenance

In TimeWorksPlus, Biometrics Maintenance is found under the Maintenance Menu.

In WorkforceHub, Biometrics Maintenance is found in the Admin tab under Timekeeping ⇒ Clock Management.

Employees who have a face record are listed first with their date of enrollment. The PIN/Card# column indicates the employee's unique system ID; it is not necessary for them to use this number when clocking in and out. Any unregistered employee is listed under the section titled The following employees do not have fingerprints enrolled in the system. The Biometrics Maintenance page is used for both fingerprint and facial recognition clocks, so employees registered on Vision clocks appear on this page even though it refers to fingerprints in some places.

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