About 401(k) Investment Management


A fully bundled retirement and recordkeeping service that helps with fiduciary compliance and integrates with your payroll.


More than just a retirement plan, it's a comprehensive 401(k) service that helps keep participants on course for retirement readiness, and saves you time managing the benefits.


An email will go out to all your employees to set up their portal and make their elections. Once set up, it will automatically be set up in payroll: money will be deducted from the employee's pay and sent to the 401(k) account for investment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Employees can elect benefits on their investment portal which will automatically get set up in payroll

  • Save time: Small businesses that integrate payroll and 401(k) save 4 to 5 hours per payroll period - over 100 hours per year

  • Simplify plan management by eliminating recordkeeping tasks, such as calculating contributions and payroll data entry

  • Reduce errors by automating the transmission of contributions and collection of required data
  • Provide timely investment of employee 401(k) contributions and avoidance of compliance issues
  • Employees ditch the complex charts and calculations and see how their dollars translate into years
  • Events-based messages let employees know how their decisions affect their retirement
  • Employees stay on track with professional investment advice
  • Retirement options for businesses of all sizes - from owner-only businesses to hundreds of employees

Add to Your Account:

To add 401(k) Investment Management to your account, contact us at cs@brandspaycheck.com.

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