About Payroll Funding


Financing for payroll built into your account.


For those times when you don't have cash for payroll or have your cash invested elsewhere.


Payroll Funding offers same day funding to make payroll on time. Simply request funding and keep track of it using the dashboard built right into your PayDeck account.

Features and Benefits:

  • Same day funding
  • Brand's clients are preapproved up to $20,000 with a max approval of $500,000
  • Built into your PayDeck and syncs with actual payroll amounts
  • 1.5% weekly rate and $100 transaction fee
  • 1-4 week terms
  • Make payroll on time, every time
  • Free your cash flow from payroll when you need to

Add to Your Account:

To add Payroll financing to your PayDeck account, go to SettingsServices and click Enable.

To request financing for a specific payroll, go to paydeck.brandspaycheck.com/payroll-financing.



If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us at cs@brandspaycheck.com.




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