Set up a geofence for the mobile clock

Geofencing quickly identifies employees that clock in and out beyond their workplace boundaries. If a mobile punch is made beyond a defined radius, managers are alerted via email and the time card will display the invalid punches.

Before you set up geofencing, be aware of the following:

  • Geofencing requires the TimeWorksPlus mobile app—geofencing does not work with WebClock.
  • You can create multiple geofences and assign them to Employee Groups.
  • Employees can be excluded from a geofence through a field in Employee Setup.
  • Geofencing does not prevent an employee from clocking in or out, it simply flags the punch as occurring beyond the fence.


To set up geofencing:

  1. Email us at to enable geofencing for your company.
  2. Once it is confirmed that your account is ready for you to define a geofence, go to Settings > Geofence Management.
  3. Choose a name for the fence.
  4. Type in the address. This will serve as the center of your fence. Google Maps will suggest locations as you type. You can also choose a center point by clicking any location on the map.
  5. Choose a radius with the slider below the map. It can be between 328 feet (100 meters) and 1 mile.
  6. Select the employees to which the fence should apply. A fence can be applied to all employees or one or more.
    NOTE: You also need to enable Enforce Geofence in Employee Setup, which is covered later in this article.
  7. (optional) Check Email manager when so the employee's supervisor (as designated in Employee Setup) is notified when a punch falls outside the fence.
  8. Click Save.

With the fence defined, you can continue to Employee Setup and enable geofencing at the employee-level or define another fence with the Create a New Fence button.


Using Multiple Fences

Each geofence can be applied to all employees or to select Employee Groups.

While employees can be tracked in more than one geofence, there is no way to dictate which geofence applies to a specific punch. As long as a punch falls within one of the employee's designated geofences, the punch will be considered valid.


Geofencing in Employee Setup

Employees must have "Enforce Geofence" enabled in their employee record to be tracked against a fence.

Choose Employee Setup from the navigation menu and select an employee by name to view their record. Each employee record has three fields that need to be set to "Yes" for geofencing:

  • Mobile Punch Enabled = Yes allows the employee to clock in and out via the mobile app.
  • Add GPS to Mobile Punch = Yes adds location data to the punch. NOTE: The employee must also allow the app to collect GPS data.
  • Enforce Geofence = Yes tracks whether a punch fell inside or outside the employee's assigned fence. Setting this to "No" supersedes the settings on the fence itself. For example, if the employee belongs to a group that is associated with a fence, but their Enforce Geofence is set to "No", then they will be excluded from the geofence.

These values can be set employee-by-employee or by selecting multiple employees and using the bulk changes feature under the Employee Setup Options.


Geofence Emails

For a supervisor to receive an email when an employee's punch falls outside the fence, three things are necessary:

  • On the Geofence Management page, enable Email manager when punch is out of the geofenceThe Geofence Management page is found under the Settings Menu and can only be accessed by client-level users or higher.
  • The supervisor needs an email associated with their login. This can be done by the supervisor themselves using Update Personal InfoA client-level user (or higher) can also do this for the supervisor in Login Maintenance.
  • The manager's first and last name need to be entered in the Supervisor field of their assigned employees' Employee Setup record.

Make sure the names match identically and there are no leading or trailing spaces.


Geofence Emails for Administrators
Admins (Client-level users) have the option to receive geofence notifications for all employees by checking an option in their manager profile.

This is accessed through the click-path Settings Menu⇒ Update Personal Info and checking Geofence Alert Emails followed by Submit.

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