Reporting overview

Reports are an important part of managing payroll. Employers use them to keep track of how much they're spending on payroll, hours worked, overtime hours, tax liability, employee details, employee counts, period end summaries, and more.

The actual payroll checks, which are printed on check paper, are also posted in Reports.


Where to Access Reports

  1. Standard reports are included in your payroll package every time you receive your payroll checks.
  2. You can access those standard reports and run additional reports in your PayDeck (recommended).
  3. For advanced reports, clients who have the PP Import Tool can create custom reports.

To understand the differences between these options, keep reading.


1. Payroll Package

When you receive your payroll, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or however frequently you do payroll, a collection of standard reports is sent along with the checks.

These reports are sent whether your payroll is delivered physically, digitally (paperless), or posted to the Primary Reports section in PayDeck.


2. PayDeck

Brand's PayDeck is your portal for managing payroll.

It has a detailed Reports section which gives you access to Payroll Reports that come with every payroll you run.


This should be your go-to any time you need a paycheck, paystub (if the employee isn't using EmployeeDeck), period-end reports, year-end documents, and so much more.

We've tracked the most commonly used reports, added many other useful ones, and made them all easy to access right there.

PayDeck is also the safest and most secure way to obtain reports.

Learn all about it at Brand's PayDeck.



3. Custom Reports (PP Import Tool)

If you need a report that isn't in PayDeck, it can be custom created. However, it is better to find an existing report that will give you the information you need.

Clients who have the PP Import Tool can design their own reports.



If you don't have this tool and need additional assistance, we can help. Click here to request a report.




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