COVID-19 Dashboard

In response to the growing need for clarity, you now have access to a unique dashboard where all your COVID-related information is available in one place.

It includes reports such as:

  • CV19 Credit Usage
  • Forgiveness Period Costs
  • Forgiveness Period Excess Wages
  • Paycheck Protection Program Loan Estimate Costs
  • Paycheck Protection Program Excess Wages

Here's what the reports tell you:

CV19 Credit Usage
This will show usage of all CV19 related earnings, listing amount used, limit and balance.  It will also show credit amounts received on those amounts.

Forgiveness Period Costs
To help clients compute their loan forgiveness amounts, this will have similar columns to the PPP Payroll Cost report but list by employee, by payroll for a specific time period.  Clients just enter their 8 week window and the report calculates the forgiveness amount.

Forgiveness Period Excess Wages
In an estimate to help show which employees got paid too much (100k limit) during the period, we prorate the period wages and show clients how much that would be annualized.

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Estimate Costs
This is our existing PPP Payroll Costs report.

Paycheck Protection Program Excess Wages
This is our existing PPP 100k List report.



To access the dashboard in PPX, select PayrollCovid-19 Dashboard.



Sample report:



In PlatinumPay

To access in PlatinumPay, select the Reports drawer > Specialized > COVID-19 Dashboard.



Sample report:



See our other COVID-19 guides here: Resources.

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