About Brand's EmployeeDeck

Our new EmployeeDeck is a fresh, helpful portal provided for your employees free of charge. It is designed to minimize work and allow employees to help themselves.

Employees can:

  • View their current paycheck
  • View pay history
  • Set up their direct deposit bank accounts (if applicable)
  • View tax withholdings
  • View and download annual documents (W-2s, 1099s)

See it here: employeedeck.brandspaycheck.com 






Pay History



Direct Deposit


To learn more, see About Direct Deposit.


Multiple Profiles

Employees working for more than one company or with more than one employee record at the existing company (e.g W2 and 1099 employee) can have multiple profiles with the same email address.

Simply select the profile when logging in:



To switch during a session, click Switch profile at the top left:



Invite Employees

To invite employees, employers can click the dropdown to the right of your PayDeck profile and select Manage EmployeeDeck.

For more info, see Manage EmployeeDeck.


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For the paid version, which includes Timekeeping, see About Workforce HUB.



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