Payroll: View quarter-end reports

To view quarterly reports, such as Form 940, 941A, 943A, 944, 941B, 943B, company earnings tax report, disability and PFL, UCI quarter tax print form NYS-45, NYS-45ATT, and others:

View 1099 Reports

  1. Go to and click on Reports.
  2. Select Federal and State Forms.mceclip0.png
  3. Select Year
  4. Expand desired quarter
  5. Download individual reports or click Download All to view all at once.



Distributed W2s

For employee W2s, select Distributed W-2's.




P.S. Miss the old way? You can still log in to Platinum Pay Xpress from Manage Payroll and continue with the PPX steps you're familiar with.



For more info, see Brand's PayDeck.

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