Clock models


Physical Clocks



Price: $1,049*

The Touch clock is a smart clock with responsive punch options. Employees can punch in and out by placing their finger on the scanner. View Touch flyer.




Price: $1,285*

Unlike fingerprint clocks, facial recognition is not affected by gloves or dusty, greasy or worn fingerprints. It's also your best protection against buddy punching. View Vision flyer.




Price: $1,785*

In addition to facial recognition, Vision+ screens employees for elevated temperature. View Vision+ flyer.


Virtual Clocks

Web Clock


Click here to view demo.

The web clock allows employees to punch in and out from a computer. It can be limited to specific IP addresses or GPS locations if desired. There are options to view time cards, request time off, view schedules, and more.

Price: $450*


Mobile App

Click here to view demo.

The mobile app allows employees to punch in and out from a phone. It has similar features to the web clock as well as options to set notifications.


* Additional shipping and setup fees apply. [Agents click here.]


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