TimeWorksTouch: Troubleshoot internet

See also: Troubleshoot clock not working

If your clock is not syncing to the timekeeping software:

  1. Log in to the supervisor settings of the clock (gear button at the top right of the screen).


  2. Select Update Wired Settings.


  3. A yellow screen will ask if you want to exit TimeWorksTouch. Select Yes.

  4. It will bring you to the Ethernet Manager. It should say Ethernet connection established.

  5. Select Configure Network. The Data meter section on top should be moving. Click Configure Internet.


  6. Make sure DHCP is selected.

    It should only be Static IP if the IT set it that way. If that's the case, speak to your IT person.


If all the steps are as they should be, it might help to re-download the TimeWorksTouch app. Email cs@brandspaycheck.com to let us know that you completed these steps and need to re-download the TimeWorksTouch app. We'll send you the step-by-step instructions via email. You can print them out and follow the steps to get it reinstalled.

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