How to obtain a 147c from the IRS

If you are unable to locate your SS-4 confirmation form, a faxed IRS letter (147c) will be accepted at some financial institutions.

Here's how to obtain it:

  1. Call the IRS at (800) 829‐4933.
  2. Press “1” for service in English.
  3. Press “1” for EIN information.
  4. Press “3” for information on how to apply for an EIN.
  5. You will wait on hold for 15‐30 minutes while you’re connected with an IRS representative.
  6. If your business address HAS changed since the IRS issued your SS‐4, you will need to update your address before you request a new letter.
    If your business address HAS NOT changed, simply ask for a 147C letter to be faxed to you.

    *In either case be prepared to provide the following for the IRS representative:
    - Current business address
    - EIN #
    - Your name, SSN, phone #, and affiliation to the business
  7. The IRS representative will ask for the business EIN #.
    They will ask if you are in a secure location and are the only one to receive the fax.
    The representative will put you on hold for apx. 3‐5 minutes while they send the fax. After returning, they will then confirm whether you have received the 147c letter.

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