PlatinumPay: Set up auto pays

Auto pays are additional pays added to employee paychecks.

Here's an example of a commission auto pay, with a limit.

  1. In PlatinumPay, click Employee Setup.
  2. Enter the Employee Number.
  3. Switch to the Auto Pays tab.
  4. Click +Add.
  5. In the Other Pay # dropdown, select Commission.
  6. In the Amount field, type the amount (such as 250 for $250).
  7. In the OP (Other Pay) Limit field, type the limit (such as $10,000).
  8. In the OP Start Date field, type the start date.
  9. Pay Scheduling gives you the option to select how the memo should be added.
    - First Check Only = if the employee gets a second check, the loan will only come off the first check
    - All Scheduled Payrolls = it gets deducted each regular payroll
    - Period = 1st payroll of the month, 2nd payroll of the month, etc.
  10. Save.



This is how the check screen calculates the auto pay:


If the pay you need is not on the list, we can add it.

We encourage you to reach out whenever you are unsure of something or have a question -


See also: Set up auto deductions


For more info, see About PlatinumPay.



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