PlatinumPay: Set up employee

Add new employee

Note: You can skip this step if you have New-Hire Onboarding.

  1. In PlatinumPay, click Employee Setup.
  2. Select New. Enter all information, including social security number, name, address and zip code (city and state will auto-fill when you enter the zip code and hit Enter).
  3. Enter the Pay Rate. Hourly employees go in the Rate 1 column (13.00) and salaried employees go into the Salary column (500.00).
  4. Select the Basic Tax Info tab.
  5. In Fed Status (W-4 Form), enter marital status (Married or Single).
  6. In Fed Allowances, enter the number of dependents.


  7. Selec the HR Basic tab.
  8. In the Dates section, enter the start date and the birthdate.
  9. In the EEO section, enter the gender.
  10. Save.


See it in action:


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Employee Self Service Options

Employees can manage their own info, too:

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