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Here's how to create a manual check if you have PlatinumPay (click here for PPX):

  1. In PlatinumPay, select CTRL and U on your keyboard or click the Manual Check icon in the Payroll drawer (left sidebar).

  2. Input the company number and press Enter. The company’s most recently used check date will generate. If the company requests, you can enter a future date, but never a past date. A check CAN NEVER be backdated. Click OK.

  3. Load the employee by entering the employee number in the Emp# field or double-click the field and select from the employee list. Press Enter.

  4. Input the employee’s Regular hours, Overtime hours or Regular pay.

    - To add a line to the Pays option, select F7 on you keyboard or right click and select Add Row.

    - To add a line to the Deductions option, select F8 or right click and select Add Row.

  5. Select the asterisk to calculate the check. The taxes and net pay will be applied at this point.


  6. Enter check number into the Check# field at the bottom of the screen. [To use the payroll sequence, email support and we'll provide you with numbers that will prevent overlap with the normal sequence.]

  7. Save the check by clicking on the floppy disc icon at the top of the screen.


Print Manual Check

  1. After hitting save, a Print icon will become available.

  2. Load the check paper into the printer.
  3. In the Printer Name field, select your printer from the dropdown list. Click Next.


Add to Upcoming Payroll

To add the manual check to the upcoming payroll:

  1. In PlatinumPay, select New Payroll.
  2. Select Manual Checks. The manual check information will now be displayed.
  3. Click the dropdown box under Status and select Include in Payroll.
  4. Click Process Checks.

Alternate Method:

  1. In PlatinumPay, select New Payroll.
  2. Click Manual Checks.
  3. Click on Set Check Status, select Mark All to Include.
  4. Click Process Checks.


View Manual Checks Not Yet Added to Payroll

To view manual check that haven't yet been added to payroll:

  1. In PlatinumPay, select the Reporting drawer.
  2. Select the Report Browser icon.
  3. Select the Advanced tab on the bottom.
  4. Scroll down through the folders and click Select Reports.
  5. Right-click ManualChecksNotYetAddedTo Payroll and click on Preview Report.


  6. Input the company number and click OK.



For more info, see About PlatinumPay.



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