Z33 and GT-400: Enroll employee print

Enroll Employee fingerprint

To enroll employees' fingerprints:

  1. Access the Print Managers Menu by pressing 3 and entering the manager password. Press OK.

    If there is a security warning about the password being the default (1234), press OK and select 4 to set a manager password first.
  2. In the Enrollment Menu, press 1 and follow the prompts.
  3. Enter the employee PIN to register the print to in the system. This PIN should match one of the card number/login fields in Employee Setup for the employee that's enrolling.
  4. It will then ask the employee to register a new print. This process will consist of the employee scanning their print and removing their finger a few times as prompted. The number of prints it will ask you to register varies depending on the clock.

  5. It will then lastly ask you to verify the print by placing the employee finger on the reader again and waiting for the clock to verify the print.
  6. You can enroll another employee by following the above steps, or press "X" (CANCEL) to go back to the date and time screen.

    If you are done, press 9 to transmit the prints to our server.

See it in action:

Helpful tips if you have problems enrolling a print:

  • Try to enroll a different finger. Some have found success enrolling the ring finger, as opposed to the index or middle finger, as the ring finger doesn't come into direct contact with objects very often when doing manual work.
  • Try to avoid the fingertips. Focus on the region close to the top knuckle where the finger bends.
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