About ACA Monitor


Affordable Care Act monitoring and auditing; IRS reporting.


Eliminate ACA confusion and penalties, and stay in compliance.


We have a monitor that helps you determine employees’ ACA full time or part time status based on average hours. If the system thinks you’re set up incorrectly, it flags you so you can classify the employee correctly. It also helps you track affordability - such as if you’re charging the employee too much for insurance - as well as many other features to help you stay in compliance with ACA regulation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Monitor the full time status of employees
  • Track measurement periods
  • Update statuses in bulk after the standard or individual measurement periods
  • Required IRS 1094 and 1095 forms prepared and e-filed on your behalf
  • Preview the IRS 1095 form to confirm accuracy
  • Detailed reports on ACA status, employee status, and total pay for affordability calculations and seasonal employee considerations
  • ACA compliant W-2s
  • Determine your Full Time Equivalent Employees (FTE’s) that count towards an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) status


Our ACA Monitor is the easiest and most affordable way to manage your compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

$1.25 per month per employee
$2.45 year-end fee per employee

Initial setup fee:
$375.00 for employers with up to 125 employees
$450.00 for employers with 125‐250 employees
$550.00 for employers with 250‐500 employees
$775.00 for employers with 500 employees and up

Additional fees may apply for prior year data upload, if no prior history exists at Brand’s. Please ask your ACA expert for more details.


Add to Your Account:

To add ACA Monitor to your account, contact us at cs@brandspaycheck.com or activate it in your PayDeck Services.



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