TimeWorksTouch: Troubleshoot fingerprint

If an employee is having issues scanning their fingerprint, there are a few ways to resolve the issue.

See additional tips at Touch: Enroll fingerprints.


Clean the fingerprint scanner area

You can clean the fingerprint scanner with a small piece of scotch tape.

  1. Place the tape on the scanner.
  2. Remove it. This will remove any dirt that is on the device, making it easier to recognize an employee’s fingerprint.

You may also use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the area.

Note: Do not use household cleaners or anything rough.


Adjust finger positioning

Try these suggestions for seamless fingerprint scanning:

  • Make sure the finger is not pressing down with too much pressure. It should be a gentle touch on the fingerprint scanner for the best results.

  • Make sure the center of the fingerprint is aligned with the center of the biometric scanner.

  • Make sure it’s not just the fingertip being scanned but the whole print.


Re-enroll the fingerprint

If an employee is unable to clock in or out, you can have the fingerprint re-enrolled. At times we advise that the employee use a different finger than they originally enrolled with.

If an employee already has a fingerprint enrolled, you will not be able to enroll a second finger for that employee. Employees can only have one fingerprint enrolled, and a single fingerprint cannot be used for multiple employees. If you enroll a different finger for an employee that already has a print enrolled, the original fingerprint will be deleted.

  1. From the clock entry screen, access the Settings Page with the gear icon at the top right of the screen.

  2. Log in with your timekeeping credentials.
  3. Choose the Fingerprints tab. It may already be selected.

  4. Select Add Employee Fingerprint.
  5. Search and select the employee name. You can narrow the results by typing either the first or last name with the onscreen keyboard. Click Continue.
  6. The screen will ask the employee to place their fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner. The clock will beep when the print is scanned and the employee should then remove their finger from the fingerprint scanner and repeat the process two more times.

After 3 successful scans to register the print landmarks, the clock will display a message confirming the enrollment. You can either enroll another fingerprint or tap “Nevermind” to return to the clock entry screen.


See also:

  • For industries where employees frequently have dirty hands, consider a GT-400 Handpunch clock.
  • If an individual employee consistently has trouble getting a read, consider using a Trusted PIN.
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