How to add a custom document

Custom documents typically include employee handbooks and legal agreements such as confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

Add a Custom Document

To add a custom document within the “Documents” step when adding a new hire:

  1. Click the Upload a new document from your computer link in the Custom Documents area.


  2. Choose the file from your computer by clicking on the Choose File button.

    The Choose File button will open up your file explorer to search your computer for the file you’d like to upload.

    Once the file from your computer is selected, enter the name you’d like to display for the document. Note that the name is defaulted to the name of the document you’ve selected.

    Enter an optional description of the document to provide the new hire a bit more information about what’s in the document or why you’d like them to review it.

    Click Upload Document to transmit the selected file into Onboarding.

  3. Onboarding performs an inspection on the file you’ve uploaded to determine information about the document, such as number of pages, whether it requires a signature and the number of merge tags found.  If merge tags have been added to the document, the review will show them.

    If you’re comfortable with the inspection results, click the Add this Document button to add it to your new hire library and to the current new hire’s paperwork.


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