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Most states and some local governments have various websites to perform functions which employers are required to perform, as well as certain general information which they provide to employers.

Some states run in a way in which many functions are combined into one website, while other states have separate websites for different functions or information. The IRS has a list of websites for each state that can be found by clicking HERE.

Commonly available websites are: Withholding Account Registrations, Unemployment Account Registration, New Hire Account Reporting, Worker’s Compensation Department.

We have compiled a list of websites for each state which we have determined that our clients might find helpful. Brand's tax service makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information available from these sources.




Alabama Department of Revenue

Alabama Department of Industrial Relations

Alabama New Hire Reporting


Alaska Dept. of Revenue

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Alaska Division of Child Support Enforcement


Arizona Dept. of Revenue

Arizona Dept. of Economic Security

Arizona Department of Child Support


Arkansas Dept. of Finance & Admin.

Arkansas Department of Workforce Services

Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission

Arkansas New Hire Reporting

Child Support Division

Tax Assessments


California Franchise Tax Board

California Employment Development Department, Employer Services

California Employment Development Department modified for QA

California Child Support (Office of Child Support)

California Division of Workers' Compensation

California Employment Taxes

California New Hire Reporting


Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Colorado New Hire Reporting

Child Support Enforcement

Denver Colorado Gov

Aurora Colorado Gov

Greenwood Village Gov

Sheridan Gov

Glendale Gov


Connecticut Department of Revenue

Connecticut Department of Labor

Connecticut New Hire

Connecticut Workers Compensation

Connecticut Child Support Compensation


Delaware Department of Revenue

Delaware Department of Labor

Delaware Workers Compensation

Delaware New Hire

Delaware Child Support


Florida Department of Revenue

Florida Unemployment

Florida workers Compensation

Florida Child Support

Florida New Hire


Georgia Department of Revenue

Georgia Department of Labor

Georgia Workers Compensation

Child Support


Hawaii Department of Taxation

Hawaii Department of Labor

Hawaii Workers Compensation

Hawaii New Hire

Child Support


Idaho Tax Commission

Idaho Department of Labor

Idaho Workers Compensation

Idaho New Hire

Idaho Child Support Division


Illinois Department of Revenue

Illinois Department of Employment Security

Illinois Workers Compensation

Illinois New Hire

Illinois Department of Children Services


Indiana Department of Revenue

Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Indiana Workers Compensation

Indiana New Hire

Indiana Child Support


Iowa Department of Revenue

Iowa Department of Labor

Iowa Workers Compensation

Iowa New Hire Reporting

Child Support


Kansas Department of Revenue

Kansas Department of Labor

Kansas Workers Compensation

Kansas New Hire

Kansas Child Support Division


Kentucky Department of Revenue Withholding Tax

Kentucky Unemployment Insurance

Kentucky New Hire

Kentucky Child Support Division

City of Louisville, Kentucky


Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation

Louisiana Department of Labor

Louisiana Workers Compensation

Louisiana New Hire

Child Support Division


Maine Revenue Services

Maine Department of Labor

Maine Workers Compensation

Maine New Hire

Maine Child Support


Maryland office of Controller

Maryland Department of Labor & Regulation

Maryland Workers Compensation

Maryland New Hire

Maryland Child Support


Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Massachusetts Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Massachusetts Workers Compensation

Massachusetts New Hire

Massachusetts Child Support Enforcement


Michigan Department of Revenue

Michigan Department of Labor

Michigan Workers Compensation

Michigan New Hire

Michigan Child Support Division


Minnesota Department of Revenue

Minnesota Department of labor

Minnesota Workers Compensation

Minnesota New Hire

Minnesota Child Support Division



Mississippi Department of Revenue

Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Mississippi Workers Compensation

Mississippi New Hire

Mississippi Child Support


Missouri Department of Revenue

Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations

Missouri Workers Compensation

Missouri New Hire

Missouri Child Support Enforcement


Montana Department of Revenue

Montana Department of Labor & Industry

Montana Workers Compensation

Montana New Hire

Montana Child Support


Nebraska Department of Revenue

Nebraska Department of Labor

Nebraska Workers Compensation

Nebraska New Hire

Nebraska Child Support Division


Nevada Department of labor

Nevada Workers Compensation

Nevada Child Support

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of labor

New Hampshire Workers Compensation

New Hampshire New Hire

New Hampshire Child Support

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Revenue

New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development

New Jersey Workers Compensation

New Jersey New Hire

New Jersey Child Support Division

New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Revenue and Taxation

New Mexico Department of Labor

New Mexico Workers Compensation

New Mexico New Hire

New Mexico Child Support Division

New York

New York Department of Taxation and Finance

New York Department of Labor

New York new Hire

New York Workers Compensation

New York Department of Family Assistance

Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Revenue

North Carolina Division of Employment Security

North Carolina Employment Security Commission

North Carolina New Hire

North Carolina Child Support Division

North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Taxation

North Dakota Department of Labor

North Dakota New Hire

North Dakota Workers Compensation

North Dakota Child Support Division


Ohio Department of Taxation

Ohio Department of Jobs and Family (SUI)

Ohio Workers Compensation

Ohio New Hire

Ohio Child Support Division


Oklahoma State Tax Commission

Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Oklahoma New Hire

Oklahoma Child Support Division


Oregon Department of Revenue

Oregon Employment Department

Oregon Workers Compensation

Oregon Child Support Division


Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

Pennsylvania Local Earned Income Tax

Pennsylvania New Hire Reporting

Pennsylvania search tool by county or municipality.

Pennsylvania search tool by home address, work address, or both.

Pennsylvania information on taxing regulations (mandatory versus voluntary) in Pennsylvania for locals and withholding.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Management System

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Revenue

Rhode Island Department of Labor

Rhode Island Workers Compensation

Rhode Island New Hire

Rhode Island Child Support Division

South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Revenue

South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

South Carolina Department of Employment Security

South Carolina New Hire Reporting

South Carolina Child Support Division

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Revenue

South Dakota Department of Labor

South Dakota Department of Social Services

South Dakota New Hire


Tennessee Department of Revenue

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Tennessee Department of Human Services

Tennessee New Hire Reporting


Texas Department of Information Services

Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Child Support Services

Texas New Hire


Utah State Tax Commission

Utah Department of Workforce Services

Utah Bureau of Children Services

Utah New Hire


Vermont Department of Taxes

Vermont Department of Labor

Vermont Department of Labor and Industry

Vermont Child Support Services


Virginia Department of Taxation

Virginia Employment Commission

Virginia New Hire

Virginia Child Support Division


Washington Department of Revenue

Washington Department of Employment Security

Washington New Hire

Washington Office of Child Support

West Virginia

West Virginia Tax and Revenue

West Virginia Workforce

West Virginia New Hire

West Virginia Child Support Division


Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Wisconsin Bureau Child Support

Wisconsin New Hire Reporting


Wyoming Department of Revenue

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

Wyoming Department of Workers Compensation

Wyoming New Hire

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