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What is a manual check?

A manual check is a check issued outside of payroll. It's used if someone forgot to pay an employee or paid the wrong hours, and the payroll has already been completed.

The check is negotiable and can be given to the employee to be cashed. The check will then be listed on the following payroll as "Manual" so the tax liabilities can be taken into account.


Note: This feature is enabled by special request. If you don't have it, submit a request for Manual Check Access.



Create a manual check

To create and view manual checks:

  1. From your dashboard, click Manual Checks.


  2. Select the check datedivisionemployee; input the check number and click Add New.


  3. Input the check details: pay code and hours/regular pay.
  4. Click Continue, then Save and Calculate. Continue.


    Note: Your saved manual checks will automatically be added to the list when you process payroll.


See it in action:





Print a Manual Check

To print the check:

  1. After the manual check is saved, load your check paper.
  2. Select the Pay Check icon to print the check.




View Manual Checks Not Yet Added to Payroll

To view manual check that haven't yet been added to payroll:

  1. Switch to the Payroll tab
  2. The check details will be displayed in the Manual Checks section.




 For more info, see About Online Payroll.



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