Payroll: Run unscheduled payroll

*Available for Platinum Pro users. Email to request access or to have us do it for you.

Need to run an off-period payroll?

Now you can do it without having to send us a special request.

Unscheduled payroll is designed to allow you to run a payroll out of sequence from the normally scheduled dates.

  1. On the dashboard, select Run Payroll.
  2. Click the button to Run Unscheduled Payroll.
  3. Select the dates you would like the payroll to reflect.


Note: Remember that the Pay Date must be two days away.

Need the check on the same or next day? No problem, just submit a payroll message in the Process my payroll with these special instructions box before submitting payroll.

>> To run regular payroll, see Start Payroll.


See it in action:



For more info, see About Online Payroll.



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