About Positive Pay


Banks match payroll check information against our list of authorized checks before cashing employee paychecks.


Reduce the risk of payroll check fraud.


Brands Paycheck provides paycheck information to banks on your behalf. When an employee presents a check to the bank for payment, the account number, check number and dollar amount of the check is matched to ensure that it is authorized and no changes were made. If anything doesn’t match, the bank will not cash the check.

Features and Benefits:

  • Detects and counteracts potential check fraud
  • Identifies inconsistencies before checks are posted
  • Protects against lost or stolen checks
  • Prevents payment for duplicate checks
  • Minimizes the risk of loss due to fraudulent activity


Setup Fee - $150 + additional hours if it gets complicated

Export File - $12 per payroll
Export & Upload - $18 per payroll


Add to Your Account:

To add Positive Pay to your account, contact us at cs@brandspaycheck.com or activate it in your PayDeck Services.




How soon can I start Positive Pay?

Generally one week from the request until it’s fully implemented.


Who transmits the file to the bank?

We have two options for service:

  1. We get access to your bank account and upload it for you.
  2. We send you the file and you upload it to your bank.


If the bank identifies a check which was not included in the file, who reviews and communicates with the bank to determine if it’s to be approved or rejected?

The client is responsible for communicating with the bank, as we are unable to determine whether you issued a separate check outside of payroll or a check which was issued was already cashed.

We do not have control over your bank account.


How much time is required from payroll submission until the file gets uploaded to the bank?

The suggested amount of time is 48 hours.

However, we generally do transmit the file on the same day - as long as the payroll is submitted and printed before 1:00 pm.




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