Payroll: Run payroll

For a video tutorial, see the Run Payroll clip in Video: Online Payroll training videos.

To start running payroll:

  1. In the payroll tab, click on the green button that says Start Payroll.

  2. Review the pay dates to make sure they are accurate. Click Create Payroll.

    >> For different dates, see How to run unscheduled payroll.

  3. Enter hours in the applicable columns (Regular Hours, Overtime Hours, etc.) or enter Amount if it's a set amount for the period.

    * If an employee is not being paid this period, un-check the green button in the pay column to the left of their name.

    ** To add another check for an employee, click the blue box with the gear icon and select Duplicate this Row. In the new row, change the number in the Check column from 1 to 2. The check column will reflect Check 1 on the first row and Check 2 on the second.

    *** Multiple pay columns (e.g. vacation, sick, holiday) can be used on the same row.

    **** If it appears that you are missing a column, simply use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll left or right.

    ***** If a new employee is created after the Payroll Grid is open, then the new employee won't show up on the grid and you will have to manually add the employee.  To manually add the employee, click the blue box with the gear icon and select Add Payee.

    ****** If you need to make a one time change to an employee's rate, this change be made in the grid.  If this is a permanent change, you must also enter the new rate in the Employee tab.

  4. Click Save changes at the top right. Then click Continue in the same location. Then Continue to Payroll Totals.

    * A Processing Payroll status bar will appear. At this point, the payroll amounts will be calculated but the payroll will not yet be submitted. You will still be able to make changes. If there are any issues, the warnings will show up on the left so you can make the necessary corrections.

    ** This is the longest step; it shouldn't take longer than 2 minutes, depending on how many employees are being processed on the payroll.

  5. Click Continue. It will bring you to the Payroll Totals page. Click Payroll Register. A pre-processed payroll register will load so you can review the payroll (print the page if it's easier to review that way). If all the pays are correct, press the green Submit Payroll button.

    * If there are any changes, select Back to Edit Payroll at the bottom of the page to make corrections in the Payroll PowerGrid.

    ** For special payroll requests, such as changing a check date, select Process my payroll with these special instructions, type the request, then press Submit Payroll. Note: If you leave and return to that page, you'll need to select and fill out this field again before submitting.


For more info, see About Online Payroll.



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