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If this is a first-time setup, you can send employee info via spreadsheet for us to import all employees at once. Download Employee Info Template and email it to cs@brandspaycheck.com. 


Add new employee

Note: You can skip this step if you have New-Hire Onboarding.

  1. On the dashboard you will see Add Employee.

  2. Fill out the employee information.

    Be sure to include the social security number, so that you will be notified if that SSN has previously been used for an active or terminated employee.

    Important: Be sure to enter the Date of Birth or use a default one, such as 01/01/1990. You will not be able to make edits to any fields or add missing information in the personal info box later if there is no DOB.

    For a 1099 contract employee, select it in Employee Type. The employee type cannot be changed after it is saved.   If employee type status changes, and the employee did not earn any wages, then simply create a new employee.  Otherwise, please reach out to cs@brandspaycheck.com.

  3. Click Create Employee Record to save.


See it in action:



Add employee details

  1. In the Employees tab, select the employee.
  2. Add personal information, such as social security number, phone, address, email, gender, and a profile image. Use the pencil icon to edit fields and be sure to click the checkmark to save.
  3. In the Pay window, there must be information entered either in Rate 1 or in Salary. If these fields are blank, the employee won't show up at all in the Payroll PowerGrid.
  4. Add additional information such as job location, position, start date, and full-time/part-time status. Other information can be added as needed.



Set up deductions

  1. Switch to the Payroll Info tab.
  2. In the Schedule Deductions window, add the new deduction and save.

Note: If you need to add a limit or a payee to the deduction, email cs@brandspaycheck.com and we’ll add that for you.


 See also: Add deduction with pay schedule | Add deduction with payable info


See it in action:



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Employee Self Service Options

Employees can manage their own info, too:


For more info, see About Online Payroll.



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