About 401(k) Upload


Calculate and remit 401(k) contributions for you each pay period.


Streamline the 401(k) process and avoid late fees.


For each pay period, Brands calculates all 401(k) employee deferrals, employer matches and employee loan payments. We then upload the data to your 401(k) investment center and transfer funds directly from your account.

Features and Benefits:

  • Employee 401(k) contributions invested in a timely manner
  • Secure electronic file transfers
  • No penalties or fines for late 401(k) plan remittances
  • Less data entry required to manage retirement reporting
  • Retain employees longer with better retirement benefit offerings
  • Leverage our knowledge of the IRS and 401(k) regulations


Add to Your Account:

To add 401(k) Upload to your account, contact us at cs@brandspaycheck.com.



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