Reports Overview

Reports are an important part of managing payroll. Employers use them to keep track of how much they're spending on payroll, hours worked, overtime hours, tax liability, employee details, employee counts, period end summaries, and more. See Payroll Reports in Paydeck

See: View quarter-end reports and Distributed W-2's

Where to Access Reports

  1. Payroll Reports were created at the time payroll was created or at the quarter's end. Therefore, any changes made afterward would NOT be reflected in these reports.
  2. Generate a Report reflects the current information and includes any changes. It has a detailed Reports section which gives you access t you run.
  3. Federal and State Forms include year-end and quarter end reports such as 1099s, W2s, 941s etc.
  4. Distributed W-2s that were distributed by email via Employee Deck. - See: Distributed W-2's
  5. Generated Reports - this is where you find the reports after you generate them






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