Block PayDeck access using IP restrictions

You can restrict PayDeck access to specific IP addresses. Only users from these IP addresses will be allowed to sign in to PayDeck. This is useful if you don't want certain employees to access PayDeck remotely or from unsecure locations outside the office.

In PayDeck, go to SettingsIP Restrictions.



Specify IP Addresses

An IP address identifies the device a user is logging onto the internet from. It consists of four numbers separated by periods, such as

To specify multiple IP addresses, split them with a semicolon (;). For example:



Specify a Range of IPs

To specify a range of IP addresses to allow, use a dash (-). For example:

  • -

This will allow any IP from ""  to "".

  • will be allowed
  • will be blocked

A shorter way of specifying a range:


You can specify multiple ranges by splitting them with a semicolon (;) as well. For example:



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