Add, remove or change a service

You can manage your add-on services using our Services page in PayDeck. As always, if you need assistance you can call us or email at any time.

To access the Services page:

  1. In PayDeck, select Settings on the left.


  2. Select Apps & Services.



You'll see a list of services with toggle switches to see what's activated and what's not.



Each service can be expanded to show details and pricing, as well as options if there is more than one.



Once you Enable a service, you will receive an email notification to confirm that the service has been activated. If relevant, it will also inform you of the next steps.

To deactivate a service, click Disable and confirm that this is your choice. If relevant, an agent will reach out to advise you of the next steps.


We hope you enjoy this as another one of the ways we make it easy to stay in control of your payroll and HR needs, and keep your business in check.

To view a full list of services, see




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