End-of-Year Human Resources Review


Your company is closing the books and planning 2023 launches, but what about HR? A promising new year results directly from your employees.

Reviewing your company’s human resource protocols and documents should become part of your company’s end-of-year ritual. We’ve compiled a checklist of some suggested areas of review.


Handbook Review

  • Do your PTO policies align with current federal and state legislation?
  • Are your labor law posters up to date and posted conspicuously?
  • Did you check on your federal and state minimum wage updates, including overtime and sick pay?
  • Is there feedback from previous anti-harassment training that can be used to update your upcoming training? Are your employees regularly participating in the training?
  • Is your company a hybrid workspace? Make sure your handbook clearly states expectations for WFH and RTO plans. 
  • Does your state have privacy laws concerning employee and consumer data? Include any relevant details concerning your company's strict adherence to federal and state regulations. 
  • Have you re-evaluated the dress code language in your handbook to be inclusive of all identities and backgrounds?
  • Are all potential disciplinary actions clearly outlined? Including protections for "whistleblowing."

Benefits Review

  • Many benefits packages include wellness perks that are not necessarily highlighted. Have you updated your employees on what is currently available? As well as any benefits that are being phased out with their deadlines. 
  • Do you have updates on insurance rates? Per employee.
  • ACA Compliance?
  • Take a look at the demographic of your employees. Do the benefits make sense? Are there any under-utilized benefits that could be changed for a more useful benefit?
  • Do you have adequate parental and caretaker leave?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Transparency: What are your goals? How close are you to reaching those goals? Numbers talk.
  • What wording is used in your job descriptions? Are they biased? 
  • Where are you sourcing? Could the pool be expanded to be more inclusive?
  • How can you mirror objective hiring criteria and blind resume screening methods?
  • Do you have manager training that provides objective examples of fact-based feedback?
  • Have you published salaries?

We know this is a lot, but you're not on your own. Let us support you and your success! 

Our EmployeeDeck allows your employees to access all relevant HR data and update important tax documents. The manager portal includes an easy dashboard for quick access to your teams' birthdays and anniversaries, timekeeping management, and all important onboarding details. 

To learn more about how to give your employees more access to their HR needs, schedule a chat with us!




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