Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

Data Worth Defending

Cybersecurity threats have only increased, making efforts to protect data more than an IT risk - a business risk. Protecting your assets is part of our commitment to reliable service. That's why we have taken the necessary jump to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Brand's is upgrading security because you're worth it.


What is it?

This upgrade means an additional security measure to ensure that you are who you say you are, confirmed by a single-use passcode. 

How do you get this passcode? By designating a reliable phone number, preferably a cell, to your account.

After you log in normally, you will be prompted to input the one-time passcode. Your designated number will receive this code via SMS or phone call. 

Once you have input the code, you will gain access to your account. 

Login attempts will request a new code regularly. 


No fear, Brand's is here.

You might be thinking, Me? Attacked by cyber criminals? No way. Yes, way.

We know this is a scary thought. But your business's confidential information is as valuable as the next business. 

By adopting two-factor authentication, we can both sleep easier at night. 

Besides adding a step to your login process, how does this security update protect you and your business? 

  1. Information, or data, is a treasure chest to a cybercriminal. Another unique security net adds a layer of camouflage. 
  2. Enacting this additional security method, we can regularly test for potential breaches or cyber-attacks. Our experts will reach out to you if anything looks suspicious. 

Here are some friendly tips on better protecting your "treasure". 

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